Current Beauty and Style Loves

This past two weeks I realized I've been loving three main products, so I thought I could share them with you!

The first one is a LA ROCHE-POSAY CLEANSER. I've tried many products of this particular brand. Face creams, a toner and also micellar water. Is a really good brand, is similar to Caudalié range of product. So when I saw this new product on the shelfs, I knew I had to buy it! 

Cleanser are one of my fave things, I love using them at night right after taking off all of my makeup. It just makes you feel clean and fresh, next when you apply the moisturizing  cream to your face, you can totally feel the difference!


The product comes in this huge tube, I guess it will last you a good month and a half. Even because I like to use it only at night before bed. Isn't even so much expensive, € 8,95 - £ 6,80. It has a citrusy/orange scent, that's makes my skin feel really clean and pamper at the same time. The description says that it is an high tolerance cleanser, great for sensitive skin, really dry and prone to redness. Basically my skin in three words! I apply the product on damp skin, gently massage into the skin in circular motions and dumping my face again into warm water. I've never tried the 'cloth' method, but I'm really interested in it, have you tried it yet?



I'm obsessed with stripes and breton patterns lately! I love how you can style them in a chic/feminine way or comfy/everyday looks, maybe combining them with a cosy pair of joggers, still looking pretty! Breton tops go well with basically every monochrome color, that you maybe already own in your wardrobe, like camel or black. With minimum effort, I do really appreciate the result! I actually put together some outfit, I will link you down the post, if you fancy a sneak peek!


I've always been a gold jewelry girl, don't ask me why. But I've learned to appreciate more silver pieces. Even if this particular ring (that I'm obviously obsessed with, btw!) is really structured, I don't feel like is overdone! I guess silver makes look things more shiny and elegant, than gold does. Plus this ring seems like a flower, could I not wearing it?? I've been inspired by SunbeamJess videos on you tube, she's one of my favorite youtubers. I love how she can wear so many strange and unique silver rings on! She's just gorgeous! Do you follow her?

What are your favorite beauty/style items this week?

x federica