5 Things to do When You're not Feeling your Best

We're all been there. We get up on the wrong side of the bed, your parents are annoying you with existential questions or want to talk when you're like 'leave me alone' mode on. Or worst, you're in your period! So, you realize nothing is gonna be ok today! What do do then? You can't your/others problems ruin your entire day! Here are some things I found helpful to restore the balance of my day, when everything seems to fall apart. Simply love yourself and take an hour or even 10 minutes to focus on the good.


Netflix can be really helpful when I don't feel to get out of bed. I catch up with my favorite series, BUT I set a time limit. Like a deal with my self. Two episodes and then I am going to be productive and get out of my comfy, warm bed! If I didn't set a limit I could probably see season 1, 2 and 3, waking up for dinner! Ahaha currently I'm loving The Originals, pls don't judge me, Klaus is so hot, Downton Abbey and my absolute favorite New Girl! 


As you may know, I'm a huge fan of lazy/snuggly activity, my main purpose is to relax and surround my self with comfy things and lighting candles. So what's better then a hot bath with some hair mask sink in to your hair? I love to simply put a little bit of coconut oil mostly on my ends and then just wash my hair as regular. I really recommend you to use it if you have dry hair, as I do, highlights or dyed hair. This really help maintain elasticity and nourish your hair.


Read is definitely one of the most relaxing activities for me. I found that dive yourself in a book for a good hour, can make you reconnect with your mind and ideas. Refreshing your mind and let negative thoughts go away, at least for an hour! It's good to concentrate to something that is not your life sometimes! I'm currently reading Across the Universe, what are you girls reading this month?


I love coffee, that's a fact. I don't know if it's because I'm Italian. I don't think so, because when I was in Madrid I seriously stalking Starbucks every single day! Ahaha! We don't have it here in Italy (me break down and cry right now) that's said I know.. we have pizza, ice cream and Nutella BUT we don't have Starbucks! Ok Federica, get over it! What was the point? The power of coffee! The relief and home sense that has in it! I love a good warm mug of coffee with a little bit of milk, where I can dunking biscuits in! Or if you're in your period, I suggest milk + rusks with a good amount of Nutella on top. That's right! Because Nutella solves every problem, believe me!


What's better than a healthy and refreshing nap! This is my last resource, because I don't usually nap in everyday life. I feel like I'm waisting my time, if this makes any sense! But when I have extremely bad headache, a nap is a necessity! You wake up ready to face of the rest of your day, feeling pumped and productive again! Remember that, for a good result, the nap does't have to be super duper long! 30/40 minutes should be enough! 

Can you relate with some of this ideas? Have you any other tip to recommend?

x federica