5 Good Things

Wrapping up my favourite moments and good things happened this week! Let's do this!

1. I really wanted to do something to our balcony, I love being outside smelling fresh air. It's not to big, but could totally fit two chairs and a table. I love so much the idea of having breakfast outside or just writing blogpost, read a book, enjoying a sunny day in my cozy balcony! I'm a homebody, don't judge me! So on Sunday my father came home with this huge wood bench and table set. I was shocked, in a good way ahaha! It's just perfection. The bench fits exactly the side of the balcony and the table is flexible, so I can keep it on the side wall when I don't use it!  

2. Hanging with friends has been so far my favourite thing this week, we had a lovely dinner on Friday! Andrea give us as a gift for our new house, a record player with amplifier! I was over the moon! Now I can play all my vinyls all day long! Also I'm really enjoying cooking at the moment. I need to buy some 'holy grail' cooking books. Any suggestions?

3. Warmer weather has finally arrived! Even if I'm not totally happy because lately rains all morning then the sun comes out for two or three hours and then rain again! But at least the temperature is nice. Hello changeable weather!

4. Skincare Routine. I've finally decided and convinced myself to stick to a skincare routine. So far has been the best decision I've ever made. My skin feel so much better and I can actually see it. Also taking that 5/10 minutes in the morning or evening just for your personal care, feels like a daily pamper session! So good!

5. Book shopping. I bought some new books I want to reed in the next week, I think I'm going to write a blog post about it. I really wanted to get back on the reading track again! I definitely need to organize my time MUCH better then this. Laziness is not good!

What has been your favourite thing this past week?

xo federica