15 Things to do on a Snuggling Sunday

Snuggling Sunday are my fave things. You can wear no makeup, take care of yourself a little bit more, de-stress your body. Also I can stay all day with glasses without feeling like a grandma. Side note, I wear contact lenses way too much. Sundays like this are magic! I gather some of my most loved activities, if we can call it like that. They are more like ways to relax yourself!

  1. Have a hot bath with lots of bubbles and candles

  2. Stay in your loungewear all day

  3. Bake cookies or chocolate muffins

  4. Put a treatment on your hair and wrap it up in a bun

  5. Go for a walk in the woods and pick some flowers

  6. Make hot comfortable tea and drink it on the sofa

  7. Watch old movies

  8. Catch up with your favorite blogs

  9. Wrap yourself in a duvet and have a nap

10. Cuddle your cat

11. Make homemade face mask

12. Read a book

13. Paint your nails

14. Fill in your new diary

15. Spend times with your loved ones

How do you spend your comfy and cozy Sunday?

x federica