5 Things for the Perfect Evening

Pamper evening sessions are my fave thing, as you can tell by the manifold post I write about it. I just think that detox at evenings makes you feel better and prepare your self to face the upcoming day. The perfect way to relax after a day full of tasks, responsibility or tough uni work/lessons.


Something I can't live without. Blanket are the best invention in the world! After a hot shower, get your loungewear on and fall on the sofa or directly in bed (if you're like me and you want to stay super snuggly) and enjoy the coziness of a clean and warm blanket. Blanket are like free hugs! Just Relax.


I'm happy I've resumed the habit of reading before going to bed. If you find yourself struggling with fall asleep, this is something that can help you. I always motivate my self to read at least one chapter of my current book. I take away my phone for at least 30 minutes and I plunge myself in a deep reading mood.


How can exist a pamper evenings without a lighting candle? The fragrance, the flame, everything screams relax! For me candles are really important, I actually own too many of them! But they just really gets you in destress mood and sometimes even keep company!


Two things that cames into my evening routine really easily. Treating yourself, even enjoying little moments, its a good thing! You deserve a little bit of love after a tough day full of work! So enjoy your little spot of happiness.

What are your favorite ways to treat yourself?

x federica