5 Style Tips | Buy Less, Chose Well

Limit your spending is one of the most important factors in creating a minimalistic/capsule wardrobe. This is something I am wandering about lately. I've seen VivianaDoesMakeup videos and I'm all in this capsule wardrobe thing! Seems to be really functional and time saving, plus you can mix and match basically everything still staying on trend. So here are 5 tested ways to save money on cloth shopping, making your wallet and yourself a lot happier!


First thing first unsubscribe to your online stores newsletters. Every time I open up my inbox, pop up dozens of emails from Asos and New Look featuring sales and promotions! Out of sight out of mind. Seems like whenever I get a discount or a 50% off, I have to buy something! The answer is NO! 


Obviously this does not apply to online stores but when it is possible, pay in cash. Seeing in reality how much money you actually spending, give you a general view of your finances. Planning a monthly budget really helps me. Settle down what I'm going to buy and how much I want to spend, make things more easy to control!


Write down things always helps a lot. Going through your wardrobe and decide what you truly need to buy. My advice is to get something that could be styled in at least 3 different ways. Switch and mix up things allows you to create multiple outfits. In this way you don't need to buy so many clothes.


This one is my favorite and I can assure you that works for real! I was wandering around H&M while ago and I saw this high neck royal blue jumper. I try it on and I quite like it, but there was something that not convinced me to buy it. So I decide to thinking about it for a day or two and then see what happens. A few days next I went there again, I tried it and I realize I don't needed it! Well I saved 30€! And I was so happy! Ahahah


Rather than grabbing everything that cross my mind, I try to control myself and the instinctive impulse to buy the entire store! I focus on my list and on the purpose of the day. Shop what you need!

Let me know what you think! 

Do you have any other tricks to suggest?

x federica