14Things to do on Sunday for a Productive Week | Blog & Everyday Life

In winter season Sunday is definitely my favorite day of the week, I guess because I love staying at home in comfy clothes and sofa on hand to watch Netflix or blogs/book reading. But at the same time I love how seems to be like a fresh start for the upcoming next week. Like a new year, if this makes any sense!

I'm focused on keep my self active all day and not drown my self into procrastination, it is hard! Taking breaks between the tasks I've plan for the day, made it easy to face it. I discovered they are functional and allow you to get back to work more fresh and motivated. So here I've put together some of my top seven things I do to keep my day off productive, blog/everyday life. Hope you can get some inspirations!


1. Create a to do list

2. Set goals and write them down

3. Clean/reorganize you desktop

4. Plan you blog posts for the upcoming week

5. Plan social media posts

6. Check the forecast, plan when taking photos

7. Fill everything in your diary/planner


1. Write down a to do list

2. Wash and change your bedding

3. Clean your room

4. Reorganize your bathroom cabinet

5. Meal plan for your week ahead

6. Pack your tote bag

7.Organize you work space

Do you have any other productive tips? 

x federica