13 Evening Habits to Get Into

Mornings are my favorite things. I'm a definitely a morning person although I'm struggling with evenings. I always stay up late, browsing social media and writing/researching for blog. So this year I've tried to implement a few habits that can make my evenings enjoyable as mornings.

  1. Check your agenda/diary for the next day

  2. Writing tomorrow's to-do list

  3. Reading 30 minutes, this really help me fall asleep

  4. NO phone/social media scrolling

  5. Lighting candles

  6. Wash your hair at night to save time the next day

  7. Evening Yoga with YogaWithAdriene

  8. Take off all your makeup as soon as possible

  9. Pamper treats on your bedside like hand cream and lip balm

10. If you're staying home, get your pjs on

11. Take off your contact lens, wear glasses

12. Prepare your tote for the next day

13. Fluffy slippers in front of your bed ready for tomorrow morning

What's your favorite thing to do in the evening?

x federica