10 Little Ways to get Yourself Motivated

I'm not an organized/planner crazy person, but I'm trying very hard to keep myself on the right path. I see positive changes in my life and blogging schedule, sticking to a regular routine. I also feel happy when I can see myself achieve the goals I've set that particular day. 

Although some days it is necessary a tiny bit of motivation to not fall again into procrastination. Sometimes we just need to start the day on the right foot. Even little things count. Here you can find what makes me fresh and motivated again, or simply makes me want to DO things. I found this helpful especially on Mondays, where you realize that the weekend is gone and you can't wander around anymore. I'm in desperate need of motivation on Mondays! That's what I came up with.

 1. Writing a to-do list the night before

 2. A good breakfast, possibly with coffee and lots of cookies!

 3. Having some time to get yourself prepared for the day ahead

 4. 20 minutes of Yoga

 5. Scroll through your blog and be proud of yourself

 6. Surround your room/diary by quotes, because they works pretty well!

 7. Pretty stationery

 8. Create a playlist of music that motivates you

 9. Getting dresses, even if you are staying at home

10. Create a workspace/desk that makes you want to work

What makes you motivated and ready to face the day ahead?

Do you have any other tips? 

x federica