How I Style | Collared Shirt & Jumper

The thing I love the most about colder months are definitively jumpers! I like how you can dress them fancier or in a casual way. Still looking put together wearing something that make you feel so comfy and warm! This is one of my favorite combination: jumper + fancy collar shirt. Minimum effort, excellent result.  

I like this jumper for two reasons: the first is the color, this light blue reflects my personality and really relaxes me! The second one is the shape, oversized and also the softness of the fabric. I think that plane jumper like this are really easy to style, just by adding some elements to the overall look.

The ease of the polka dot pattern on the shirt, make everything look more put together. Just by adding a simple element like a collar, in any fancy design, you can change your entire look. 

Since I've cut my hair this summer and they're growing out like crazy, I seriously struggle with them. I'm in that strange length fase where I don't know how to style them! So to keep it out of my face I've just made a front side regular braid and then gathered everything in a side low bun. Just to make it looks a little bit more flattering! 

For make up I went for a easy bright gold and brown eye with thin black eyeliner and light mauve pink lip pencil and nude lipstick on top. I do really like this combination!

I got the shirt last year from Asos and the Jumper is a recent H&M buy.

What is your favorite jumper + accessories combination?

x federica