Winter Gloves

As much as I love Autumn, Winter is right around the corner and we have to get ready for the colder months! What I love the most about Winter are the chill, windy air and gloves. I have very dry hands, especially during this time of the year, so for me gloves has become a must have! I've always worn the typing gloves, but this year I'm more into the mittens one. I love how I can actually "feel" my hand and how they keep the warmth even.

similar here

I'm pretty happy with my new gloves! They are in a rusty olive/khaki green color. I choose those because I thought they could work well with most of my everyday outfit. Made of wool and mohair. They came in a one size version and fit very well! I like to wear them curled up, as you can see in the shot that I take. I just think they look more bulky but in an effortless way.  You could also wear them as they come when you get it, all way long your wrist. It's up to you! 

What's your Winter staple item?

There's something you can't leave your home without?

Let me know in the comment!

x federica