Blog Photography | Tips & Tricks #1

I want to say that I am not an expert in this field, but I do really love taking pictures. It is something I'm really passionate about. So I thought I could share some of my tips that actually works for me. I hope you will find this helpful!


The first thing I've learned is that you cannot under estimate the importance of the background of your photo. The best setting you can choose is the white one. I learned the hard way. My photos were looking off and gloomy and I don't knew why. 

I've just invested in a plane white ikea shelf (Algot 7€) and everything changed! You don't necessary have to play only with white, you can add as much texture as you want. I like to play with jumper, blanket, flowers or even books. I love to layer up things. The important is a base that reflect naturally the light in your photos, white do this!


 Next step is the set up of all the element you want to gather in your photo. Here for me the rule is to not overdo it. Less is better. I just find that more than six or seven elements in a picture can distract the attention from the item you chose to put on focus. Also don't mind if some product in photos are not precisely framed, it's ok leave some part cut out. Seems like you haven't actually planned your photo, even though it is so in reality!


 I'm using a nikon AF 50mm f/1.8 D to take my shots. This particular lens don't have the auto focus mode, so it is really tricky to achieve a good quality picture. So for me works pretty well take a lot of pictures, even in different angles. Then when I move them to the computer, I can select the better ones. I'm really meticulous about my photos, I really want them to be as I've imagined on my mind. 


 This is the most important thing to take count of when you are photographing. If there's not enough light my picture turns out gloomy and kind of sad. In fall/winter season gets really challenging take good quality photos! If you learn to shoot in manual mode, it will be very rewarding! For me isn't come so easily, I had to try many times before I could understand the importance of the balance between shutter speed, ISO and Aperture. But after have spending a lot of time working on it, know I can say I'm happy about my results! I just a matter of time and commitment!

I hope you've found some of this tips helpful!

Let me know in the comment if you have some others tip to recommend me! I'd love to know!

x federica