Autumn lipstick

When fall season comes, we fell in love again with bold and warm colors. Deep red tones are my favorite ones. Even better if they are matte finish! They kind of finish up the look so well! Like you spent hours doing your makeup! I love wearing them for a night out and if I feel particularly brave, even for day time. Sometimes happen! Ahahah

I love to wear this bold colors almost alone, with just a daring mascara on the eyes and sometimes a really thin black eyeliner on the lid. Just to look a little bit more put together. This are my three pick.

L'Oréal Mega Gloss 405

 this one its amazing! Its a  rich magenta color, it goes matte on the lips but is not drying at all. The pigmentation is fantastic, is a really lovely color that match well with pale skin.

Revlon Berry Couture 835

 a stunning berry color, that glides on so well! Its a shiny finish, so is perfect for an everyday berry look! Not to much pigmented, but with a deep plum lip pencil underneath works wonderfully.

Kate Matte Lipstick 107

 my all time favorite one! I remember that I saw this particular shade in a Zoella lipstick collection! I fell in love with this shade instantly. I guess it is my first deep shade I have ever bought! And I still love it, it is matte finish and doesn't smudge or loose pigmentation! Just stay there bold, fierce and deep vampy red!

What are your favorite lipstick for Autumn season? Let me know in the comment! 

x federica