Autumn Comforts

Hello! Today I wanted to write about something that I love, something that I can't live without during autumn/winter season! This are my main go to that remain firmly by my side until spring comes!


 It is basically coffee with hot milk. I don't know the exact name of it in english.. may do you?? (Sorry I'm Italian!). So far one of my absolute favorite drinks! I really love the taste of it, it makes me relax! Especially if I enjoy it with some candle on, snuggling wrapped in a cosy blanket, with some fellow blog readings! Basically me every night, ahahah!


 Comfy socks are my favorite things to wear in this crisp autumn evenings! As soon I saw them, I could not resist! They come in a three-pack version. The other two are always in a beige/pastel pink shade, one is stripes and the other is polka dot! So pretty! They are the normal type, not the fluffy ones, but still very comfy!


 A gift from my lovely sister, Martina! I always have dry hands and every time I finish the current hand cream that I have, I like to test some new out! So last week she lend me this beauty, because obviously I forgot to take my old one with me, and I fell in love with it! The moisturizing effect is sublime and it doesn't leave you with that gross feeling, it almost dry instantly leaving your skin tender and soft! Love it so far!

What are your three go to things for autumn/winter season? I'd love to know!! 

x federica