2 New Beauty Additions

I've always wanted to add a facial oil to my skincare routine, so I took this pure Argan Oil. I have to admit that smell awful!? But does his job so nicely! I've never felt my skin so hydrated and moisturized! I tent to use this at night, just because it takes a little bit of time to sink into the skin. So if I'm on a rush and I have to put on my makeup, is not the ideal thing being SO moist. If you have dry skin I really recommend you to get an oil like this one. I mix this with my face cream, just because as I say, the smell is not the best. Not necessary use this every single night, just two or three times a week. It depends on how bad and dry my skin felt during the day!

I go through hand cream like crazy, It's seriously insane how much my hands gets dry! I wanted to try the Dove Derma Spa series, but here in Italy or at least in my little town seems like I can't found anything!? So as you can imagine, when I saw this I knew I had to pick it up! It is so light and moist on the skin, the smell is obvs delicious!

I really need to get the Dove Derma Spa Summer Glow body lotion, probably picking something up on amazon.co.uk! 

What are you new picks in beauty and skincare?

xo federica