2 New Additions In my Shower Routine

There's nothing better than a pampering shower after a long day at work or out and about. I like to have shower in the evening when I can get the most of unwinding and relax. Recently I got the Nivea Body Exfoliating Balm, which is supposed to gently smooth your skin, nourishing it in a few minutes. A sort of exfoliating and body cream in one! I was so keen to try this for so long, that when I saw it on sale, I had to take it! 

I don't know about you, but I lose so much hair! I have no idea what this is related to, maybe the hot weather or going through Autumn season, or just me being anxious and stressed a little bit more lately.. I really don't know, but I definitely want to put a lot more attention and effort in my weekly hair routine.

That's why I decided to get this Giardino Cosmetico protective shampoo, for dry and fragile hair. I wanted to try something more specific and rich, that can actually nourish my hair while washing them. Another step I added is a hair mask, I wash my hair once every 3/4 days so I tent to use an hair mask every time I wash them. I'm currently running out of my lovely Medavita Illuminating Oil Mask, so it will be great if you could recommend something new to try!

what current shower routine?

What products do you use and love on a daily basis?