10 Things You Don't Know About Me

10 facts you don't know about me - www.theprettypeony.com

 1. I'm obsessed with hazelnuts, especially ice cream 

 2. I can't stop collecting candles, seriously this is a problem! 

 3. In A/W I always sleep with my fluffy socks on

 4. My fave dessert is tiramisù, and I'm pretty good at making it! [blog post coming?]

 5. I hate even numbers, don't ask me why! 

6. I enjoy loud music while I'm driving, and singing out loud too!

7. I takes me ages to eat, I'm always the last person to finish food 

8. I'm constantly daydreaming 

 9. I used to hate wearing glasses, since when I found the right one. Now I love them.

10. I had my first proper date with a guy at 20 years old


What about you? There's something you want to share??