10 Sunday Productive Activities To Try

I love Sundays, especially in this period when it's miserable and gloomy outside! I know it can be weird but I love having to stay at home because is poor raining, cozy up in a soft jumper, fluffy socks and a hot chocolate mug. I'm so ready for Autumn! Anyway, today I wanted to share with you some activities I enjoy doing when I have to stay at home on Sunday!

1. Declutter and organize your makeup drawers, deep clean and switch everything up for Autumn season!

2. Sort out your closet and dresser to have an effective clear out, those ones are my personal faves!

3. Prepare your self a relaxed and yummy breakfast, for me definitely be croissant and cappuccino on our  terrace.

4. Make a list of all the things you need/want to buy for this month. Clothes, homeware and stationery bits too!

5. Plan your life ahead, I like to make to do lists and write down everything I want to accomplish that week in my agenda.

6. Do the 'not so funny' things, so you don't have them around during the week. Laundry, deep cleaning and ironing clothes.

7. Watch a movie you have always wanted to see. I recently saw Breakfast Club, was on my wishlist for ages, such a good movie!

8. Write things down. Something I want to start doing is daily pages, write something every single day to see if my anxiety gets better.

9. Clear out your desk and spice things up, you have no idea how a clean and refreshed space can boost your creativity levels!

10. Do something to your self, whatever makes you happy. There's nothing better then feel loved and cozy in your own home!

What are your favorite activities on a rainy Sunday?